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 Post subject: Omen 2006 review
PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:45 am 
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Ok the first thing I want to say is I am a HUGE fan of the original OMEN series and like many of you reading this I feel there was no good reason for a remake however if the remake turns some younger kids on to the original movie than it's well worth it.

With that being said I think this remake will not find an audience.

I went to an 8:15 showing last night and the theater was packed with a much younger audience than myself and to my surprise most of them were very respectful which was surprising in fact it seems only the 2 idiots sitting right beside me were the only ones talking during the film (figures) and I did not hear one cell phone the whole movie, man I was amazed.

But here is the thing, this was in fact a good remake, even though they replaced some of the best suspense scenes with cheap scares all in all it was true to the original and that is why it will fail!!!

It will fail because people like me will say "why even bother it was just like the original but not as good" and the young people will say "it was slow and boring".

That big empty space in a movie between explosions and scares where the actors are talking is called "A PLOT" or "STORY LINE" and The Omen 2006 does a great job with "The Plot" and here is where they will lose the kiddies.

Now for the bad stuff coming from a fan of the original movie..are you ready??? (This is that spoiler part you were warned about)

In the age of special effect it was not enough for Mr. Thorn to simply be appointed Ambassador oh no first the current Ambassador must suffer a violent death, normally this would be cool but they use a very similar method that was used to kill the photographer Keith Jennings in the original movie, so I now know they are going to kill Mr. Jennings in a NEW way later on in the film.

The child actor playing Damien is no where near as likable as Harvey Stephens and although he doesn't talk during the movie if he did he would probably sound like Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy. He gives his mom several evil looks through out the movie and because of that he completly looses the innocents of childhood that the original Damien had, try to imagine young Anakin Skywalker if he already knew and embraced the fact he was going to grow up to be Darth Vader.

I won't even talk about Julia Stiles other than she should quite acting.

Most of the suspense from the original movie has been replaced with dream sequences and cheap scares.

I think the part I hated the most was there was no soundtrack to this movie, the original had the great Latin choir that was extremely creepy and set the mood for the whole movie but in the remake that was completly missing.

The one scene that was most out of place was a conversation between Robert and Katherine Thorn about how Damien never gets sick, but this conversation was originally between Richard and Ann Thorn in Damien: Omen II not in the original Omen.

So will there be a remake of Damien: Omen II who knows maybe before that happens Hollywood will move on from the age of remakes.

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