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A Week To Go
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Author:  willcail [ Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:22 am ]
Post subject:  A Week To Go

One more week to go until another third twenty four hour Horror Marathon. Another year of loosing sleep and consuming large amounts of caffiene products.

First I would like to thank The Grandview Theater, Joe, Bruce, the people who run the message boards. Thank You yet again.

The lineup looks fantastic. I can't wait to see Flesh and Goke on the widescreen. Can't wait to see witch trailer to be projected backward.

As always buy the consessions and the merchendise. The mugs are a great way to support the Horror Marathon if you can't get a shirt.

It would be funny to see someone dress as The Gimp from American Horror Story. Yes I did put the ideal out there if someone wants to be adventurous.

Please as always bathe. We will be together for twenty four hours. Last year someone smell like onions that was near me. Clean clothes as well.

Cash in my opinion is king. No bigger than a twenty. When the thon starts the banks are closed. Bring ID for the booze.

Have fun. Be thoughtful of the person or persons next to you. Riffing is fine but don't overdue it.

It will be a long week for me due to my vacation starts today and it will end next tuesday. I'll try to kill time watching films like Undertaker and His Pals, She Freak, and the horror show known as Brenda Starr with Brooke Shields. The MGM HD network airing such "hits" as Iron Warrior, Metor, and the Carrie mini series. But they air the movies in OAR and limited commercials.

Thanks for the diehards who post on the messages borads. We have difference in opinions that what makes the Horror Marathon strong.

Just need the schedule and news about possible premires. Thank you.

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