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Author:  MEATFETISH [ Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Chicago Horror marathon

As much as I wanted to make it to Columbus this year for your marathon (damn I miss all those glorious trailers and shorts), the misses and I decided to buy a house and we're moving this Saturday. Considering we'll be living out of boxes and still needing to clean and paint the old apartment, it doesn't seem feasible to drive to Columbus this time. But I WILL be back for the sci-fi marathon in the Spring!

For anyone else in the Midwest who can't make the trek to Columbus the Patio Theater in Chicago is hosting the first of two 24 hour horror marathons Oct. 17-18th.

Below is their schedule of films. It's all digital projection but at this theater, digital still looks pretty good. I skipped this one last year when it was held at theater where digital looked awful.

11:15 AM Shorts Pre-Show
12:00 PM Fall of the House of Usher
12:15 PM The House of Ghosts
12:30 PM Dead of Night
2:30 PM Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
4:20 PM Gremlins 2
6:15 PM Shorts Block
7:10 PM Dawn of the Dead
9:45 PM Demons
11:45 PM They Live
1:30 AM The Descent
3:15 AM The Boogens
5AM-Deadly Blessing
6:45 AM Vampyros Lesbos
8:30 AM Blood and Black Lace
10:05 AM Christine

Great line up right? But the one I'm really looking forward to is at the Music Box on the 24-25th. More films to be announced soon. ... rrors-2015

They still try to get everything in glorious 35mm! Rare print of Xtro! Uncut Frankenhooker! Deep Red! Serpent and the Rainbow! etc...

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