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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:23 pm 

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Last weekend was the Music Box of Horrors 24 hour marathon-the first one since splitting from its former host organisms (who are putting on The Massacre at the Portage Theater next weekend (20th-21st). Things were a little different but as always, the marathon was a blast. The biggest change in the event was the welcome return of trailers and longer breaks between movies!!!! Something I miss every time I can't attend the Columbus marathons. The past 7 marathons at the Music Box typically had a few trailers at the very beginning and then maybe 5 more around 8am. Often they weren't even for horror movies, but rather upcoming releases and old westerns. Last year, I remember quite frequently the hosts announcing 2 minute breaks between films without trailers and then the marathon actually ended 40 minutes early. This was a HUGE improvement. On the downside, the overall lineup was a little disappointing this year.

THE GOLEM: It seems every year they go out of their way to find a silent film to start the marathons with organ accompaniment. This is fine in theory, but after 8 years, I think it would be nice to mix things up a little and maybe start with a modern classic.

MARK OF THE VAMPIRE: Pretty tedious Bela Lugosi film that I actually nodded off during (the only time in the marathon).

THE INVISIBLE MAN: This was a big treat as I don't think I've actually seen it in probably 20 years. Great anarchistic fun.

DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS: This was probably one of the weaker Amicus anthologies but I'd never seen it before and the print was beautiful. Donald Sutherland is so young in it!

SQUIRM and SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER (with director Jeff Lieberman in person): I went and got some food during the first half of Squirm. I've never been a big fan, but I got back in time for the fun parts. Gorgeous print that looked like it was struck yesterday. Jeff was a fun and appreciative guest. Apparently Martin Sheen was originally cast as the lead! Then Satan's Little Helper, which I kind of liked, but felt too long (at 98 minutes). Video projection that actually didn't suck.

HOWLING 2 (Sybil Danning in person): What a mess of a film!!! I've always avoided the Howling sequels and for good reason. If not for the fun of seeing it with an audience it would rank as one of the worst movies I've ever seen. At home I would've turned it off 10 minutes into it. Beautiful print though and Sybil was a very entertaining guest.

THE BEYOND: I love this film. It has such a great nightmare/dream feeling throughout. Don't go looking for logic, reason or sense of any kind.

EDDIE THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL (premiere): Another video projection, but it looked pretty damn good. Not a classic by any stretch but a good, fun marathon premiere at 2am. It was kind of a modern Bucket of Blood. Worth checking out for sure.

PHANTASM: The highlight of the marathon for me! My group of friends had an agreement to punch anyone who we catch falling asleep (who wants to miss even one second of this classic). The print was slightly pink with a few scratches at the reel changes but that kind of added to the charm. I haven't seen this one on the big screen since the 1990 Night of the Living Drexel.

At this point it was 6am and knowing that there was another marathon next weekend, we all decided to leave and get some sleep. DEADLY SPAWN has its charms, but I actually saw it in 35mm a few years ago. BLOOD DINER just sucks (I know there are fans out there, but it sucks) and THE BURNING is only worth it for the few scenes with Savini's SFX. The marathon ended with EVIL DEAD 2 which I've seen a million times and at least 4 times at the theater. That's probably the earliest I've ever left a marathon, and I would've stuck it out if it weren't for another marathon next weekend. Not sure if I'll stay for that whole marathon, but combined, I'm determined to spend at least 30+ hours watching classic and not-so-classic horror at the theater this week.

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