SCIFI 32...

Transmitted by Joe on November 08, 2014

More info to come...

It's Over For This Year!

Transmitted by Joe on March 20, 2014

At approximately 1:05 pm EST on March 16th, SF31: FUTURE SHOCK retired its Thunderbolt Fists and FINALLY got some much deserved rest for another year. But watch the skies for next year's Sci-Fi Marathon. And keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming info about SHOCK AROUND THE CLOCK: THE 666th ANNUAL OHIO 24-HOUR HORROR MARATHON (October 18-19 at the Drexel Theatre). Klaatu Barada Ohio!

Fat Guys At The Movies Interview!

Transmitted by Joe on February 26, 2014

It's once again that time of the year - head Fat Guy Kevin Carr grills Bruce and Joe about all things Marathon!

Greetings Marathoids!

Transmitted by Jen on February 08, 2014

Blast off into a brave new Marathon world with us as we explore filmic visions of the future! As we rocket through these days of future past, you'll thrill to super psychics from Neo-Tokyo, art deco-laden workers' revolts and your very own set of Thunderball Fists! As part of the annual celebration of cinematic excess, we'll be channeling such celluloid prognostications as:

*The much-lauded 2010 Kino restoration of Fritz Lang's visionary science-fiction masterpiece METROPOLIS! Yes, it's the longest known version of the film, featuring the original 1927 orchestral score, all in sparkling 2K DCP!

*Kurt Russell heading an all-star cast plunged smack dab in the middle of the dystopian prison world of New York City, in a new 2K DCP of John Carpenter's Panavision classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK!

*The psychedelic cyberpunk world of Neo-Tokyo in Katsuhiro Otomo's ground-breaking anime landmark AKIRA!

*Arnold Schwarzenegger trapped in Richard Dawson's kill or be killed, ultimate game show nightmare in THE RUNNING MAN (in 35mm)!

*A 35mm print of the post-apocalyptic New Zealand cult classic THE QUIET EARTH!

*Karl Urban bringing cult comic icon Judge Dredd to life in the gritty, underrated DREDD, in hallucinatory 2K DCP Panavision!

*The payoff to one of the great trailers in Marathon history! Yep, it's Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro's post-apocalyptic dark comedy DELICATESSEN!

*A 35mm print of the off the wall, day-glo, Banana Splits on acid, all-time Marathon classic INFRA-MAN!


*Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton on the hunt for a '64 Chevy Malibu in a 2K DCP of Alex Cox's punk classic REPO MAN!

*The definitive 1950's alien invasion classic EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS, in xeromorphic 2K DCP!

*Kyle MacLahlan in a 35mm print of the alien possession actioner THE HIDDEN!


*The 31st Annual Costume Contest with $100 First Prize!
*Vintage trailers and shorts in glorious 35mm!
*The coveted Certificate of Marathoid Behavior to all who survive!
*Surprises! Hilarity! Caffeine-induced dementia!

Tickets for this cinematic starflight are $35 in advance and $40 at the door (if they last).

Get your tickets today at:
-The Drexel Theater (2254 E. Main St.)
-Laughing Ogre Comics (4258 N. High St.)
-On the Tickets page

What is the Sci Fi Marathon?

Transmitted by Jen

The Sci-Fi Marathon is an entire spin of our planet watching science fiction features, premieres, over-looked gems, vintage trash and classics, along with cartoons, shorts and previews of coming attractions from years gone by. Hundreds of prizes are awarded to all winners and entrants in the Annual Costume Contest, as well as other contests and competitions at random. Those who survive the entire 24 hours will also receive the much coveted chrome Certificate of Marathoid Behavior to impress their friends. The devoted, demented Marathoid throng will return from far and wide to experience this year's 'thon. The communal comaraderie of this audience often makes the unbearable hilarious and the great even more glorious. Surviving the sleep-deprived ordeal with this crazed crowd brings us together in delightful, bizarre, and unexpected ways.