A Fantastic Future of Films Awaits You!

Transmitted by Jen on March 20, 2014

Behold some of the awesomeness that appeared in 2014!

Feathered hair & eyepatches are making a comeback.
Escape From New York (1981) Trailer

Akira (1988) Trailer

Which Maria will you choose?
Metropolis (1927) Trailer

It's the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.
The Quiet Earth (1985) Trailer

Karl Urban doesn't negotiate.
Dredd (2012) Trailer

It's a post-apocalypse day and you feel a bit peckish...
Delicatessen (1991) Trailer

You won't believe your mind!
Infra-Man (1975) Trailer

Does he have tiger blood?
Repo Man (1984) Trailer

Will the Earth survive?
Earth vs. The Flying Saucers (1956) Trailer

There's no "blue velvet" in this cult classic.
The Hidden (1987) Trailer

I'll be back.
The Running Man (1987) Trailer

Plus one or two more possible surprises to be announced, in addition to the usual trailers, shorts, and more!

Please remember all films are subject to change at any time. Possible additional premieres may appear or substitute for other films.