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Night of the Living Drexel (1995)

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The 8th Annual 24-Hour Horror Marathon
Held at The Drexel Neff, Noon Sat May 27th - Noon Sun May 28th

Night of the Living Drexel (1996)

2 18
The 9th Annual Horror Marathon
Held at The Drexel Neff, 8 PM Fri July 26th - 8 PM Sun July 28th

The Cinemark Midwest Horror Spectacular (1996)

2 2
Held at Movies 16 Gahanna, 7 PM Sat Oct 26th - 7 PM Sun Oct 27th

Night of the Living Drive-In (1997)

2 15
The 10th Annual Horror Marathon
Held at The Drexel North Drive-In, 11 PM Fri Sept 12th - Noon Sun Sept 14th

The 1st Annual Psychorama Film Festival (2000)

2 9
Held at The Studio 35 Cinema, 10 PM Sat Aug 26th - Noon Sun Aug 27th

Random files - The Lunatic Fringe (Various)
Alternate, unused version of flier for 1996 Marathon.211 viewsThis is an early version of the flier, produced before I added the Cronenberg tribute to the lineup. Note the radical changes in the lineup between this version and the official copy...and the final program. (Neff)
Flier for the 1995 event.297 viewsYes, this is where it all began for me. Some background info: crushed by the cancellation of the Drexel 24-hour Horror Marathons, I decided to continue them on my own...on video...in my sister's basement. This is the (mostly) hand-drawn flier for my first event. As you can see from the program pages, TESTUO: IRON MAN, CARRIE, THE EVIL DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD did not play. I can only imagine what Bruce thought when my 18-year old self started sending him the fliers, programs, etc. from these Marathons. (Neff)
Interior of 1995 program304 viewsPHENOMENA did not screen. The third(!) surprise film of the event was ROSEMARY'S BABY. (Neff)
Interior of 1996 program191 viewsBoy, now THIS is quite the double feature. I was deep into my "kill the audience" phase at this point, so I set out to program all the grim, disturbing films all in a row. Starting with Argento's DEEP RED, most of the audience actually slept through the following six hours. Ever the dutiful projectionist (er..video tech?) I would wake up, see everyone asleep, change tapes, start the next film and then go back to sleep. (Neff)
Interior of 1996 program181 views